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RPA Standard Edition v.2.3.0

09-May-2017, 08:00 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

What's new:

  • Added support for thermal analysis in scripting utility.
  • Added configuration of injector pressure drop in staged combustion cycle.
  • Fixed issues in thermal and cycle analysis modules.

The thermal analysis can now be performed using scripting utility. Updated documentation for corresponding scripting API (see API Group: ThermalAnalysis) is published on RPA web site, including example script Aestus-thermal.js (which is also available among other scripting examples in RPA distribution package).

The scripting interface provides even more possibilities to the researchers compared to graphical user interface (GUI). For example, the users may design the cooling segments in parametric form independently on the absolute size of the thrust chamber.

Another new feature is support for the roughness of the passages (e.g. tubes or channels) of the regenerative cooling jacket, which affects both heat transfer coefficient (that is, the effectiveness of the cooling) and pressure drop in the cooling jacket. See scripting API, Thermal Analysis API: Regenerative Cooling Segment, functions setHrg and setSrg.

Fixed issues:

  • Cycle analysis: pressure drop on injectors was assessed incorrectly.
  • Thermal analysis: parameters of channel wall designs at station "min" were not used when interpolating the geometry of the channels, leading to too narrow channels at the nozzle throat.

A trial version of the program is available for download from this site.

A full-featured version is available to registered users, who should use the direct link and credentials provided in registration e-mail.

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