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RPA-C v.1.2.0

07-Jul-2017, 08:00 GMT | Tags: RPA-C, Release Notes

We are pleased to introduce you our new product - tool for Combustion Analysis RPA-C.

Derived from a custom project for one of our customers, it is intended for use for analysis of combustion problems in a variety of applications, including (but not limited to) automotive and energy industries.

It features an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface and provides a scripting utility for solving custom problems.

List of features includes:

  • Robust, proven and industry-accepted Gibbs free energy minimization approach to obtain the combustion composition and thermpdynamic properties
  • Calculation of properties of initial mixture:
    • density
    • exploded formula
    • equivalence ratio
  • Calculation of combastion properties:
    • properties of whole mixture with possible condensed fraction
    • properties of gas mixture only
  • Obtaining the combustion products
  • Calculation of Heat of Explosion (HEX):
    • Exact method
    • Inert diluent (Ar) method
  • Automatic adjustment of HEX solver in case of failure of exact calculation:
    • Interpolation of results obtained using Exact Method to get the result around the point of failure
    • Omitting products from reaction in Inert diluent method
  • Scripting module to solve user's own problems, extending standard capabilities of the program
  • Expandable thermodynamic data library mainly based on NASA Glenn thermodynamic database includes data for numerous combustion product species, as well as data for such propellant components
  • Built-in species database editor: the users can incorporate into the thermodynamic data library his/her own chemical species, or species obtained from third parties
  • Tool for importing components from PROPEP or NASA CEA2 species databases
  • Multi-platform graphical user interface for Microsoft® Windows™ and Linux (both x86 and x86-64)
  • Results output in SI or U.S. customary units
  • Supported units for input data:
    • pressure: MPa, Pa, atm, bar, psia, kg/cm2
    • mass flux: kg/(m2·s), lbm/(ft2·s)
    • temperature: K, R, C, F
  • Output of results to Plain Text or HTML format
  • Output of results to PDF or ODF format
  • Printing results of analysis


A trial version of the program is available for download from this site.

A full-featured version is available to registered users.

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